Bitbucket updated rendering of Modula-2 sources with multi-dialect support
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2016-03-29 06:20:02 UTC
About a year ago I updated my Modula-2 plugin for the Pygments source rendering framework to accommodate multiple Modula-2 dialects. An initial version of the multi-dialect plugin was then committed by the Pygments maintainers within a month or two.

Unfortunately, Bitbucket were still using an older version of Pygments and wouldn't say when they will upgrade their Pygments installation.

It seems now that Bitbucket have finally upgraded their software.

When displaying our test file, Bitbucket renders test cases according to the default setting:


By default, the plugin uses an amalgamation of reserved words and features from multiple dialects.

When a special comment tag is inserted into the source, the plugin will apply the selected dialect, for example


should select ISO dialect with GNU Modula-2 extensions, and


should select PIM dialect with MOCKA Modula-2 extensions.

Available dialect tags are listed in the above test file. Note that the tag for ADW Modula-2 is SBU, because it originated from Stony Brook University, we can add an ADW tag in a future version of the plugin.

At this point I am not sure if the Pygments maintainers had committed the October 2015 version of the plugin. They had promised to commit it but nothing happened for a long time and they may not have done so. In that case, the version now active on Bitbucket would be the March 2015 version and some of the test cases will not be recognised yet.

The October 2015 version of the Pygments multi-dialect Modula-2 plugin is on our repo:



2016-03-29 06:33:10 UTC
It does appear as if the version now active on Bitbucket is the March 2015 version because it does not yet render unrecognised syntax in red. However, it does provide multi-dialect support.